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2011-2016 internationalization

2012 Through the BRC system audit, obtain a-level certification.

2011 Company has purchased American Bioenergy Life Science, INC. The new bio-fermentation base is put into production in yingtan, Jiangxi.

2001-2010 Technology-led integrated company

2010Become the national high-tech industrialization demonstration base      

2009 Chengzhi Life Science Corp. was founded

2005 The D-ribose project was included in the national biological structure adjustment and industrial upgrading project and received $8 million in government.

2001 Beijing branch and Beijing Research and Development Center are also established.

2000 Set up the first year

In 2000, Chengzhi Life Science Co., Ltd. was established. Company has purchased the bio-chemical products factory in yingtan ,jiangxi

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