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Chengzhi Life Science Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and marketing of high-tech products. And it is the wholly owned subsidiary of Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd.

 Chengzhi Life Science Co.,Ltd. has successfully developed a series of new functional products by means of fermentation, it has completed the industrialization development of D-ribose, L-Glutamine, L-Theanine, L-Arginine and a-Arbutin products. Some of which has formed a strong brand with excellent product quality in the international market..

Acquiring Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. in September 2011, Chengzhi Life Science Co., Ltd. has become an innovative transnational enterprise with the full intellectual property rights of D-ribose product manufacturing and application from an original major manufacturer and supplier of D-ribose product.

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